Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Personal Boundaries

June 14th to July 12, 2009

The exhibition Personal Boundaries at SAGE PROJECTS will bring together nine artists from Philadelphia and New Jersey to address the issue of how individuals create order and stability within their personal lives and in relationship with the social and natural environments. Whether through narrative and symbols, metaphors such as cartography or mapmaking, or the creation of domestic and public spaces or borders; the nine artists in the Personal Boundaries exhibition each explore the psychological and physical spaces that place limits upon the human body and consciousness. Through their use of diverse mediums and creative processes, each artist calls into play the emotional life of the artist expressed in the art object.

The artists in Personal Boundaries include:
Shannon Donovan, (ceramic installation)
Emily Erb, (paintings on silk)
Jessica Julius, (glass installation)
Rebecca Kelly, (assemblage sculpture)
Juri Kim-Oliva, (paintings on canvas
Carol McHarg, (paintings on canvas)
Kathryn Pannepacker, (fiber installation)
Emma Salamon, (glass installation)
Carol Taylor-Kearney, (paintings, installation)

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